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Aug 17, 2019

** In this episode, we discuss adult content, sexual topics and language.  Listener discretion is advised **

In Episode 46, turn down the lights and turn on the slow jams as Ben & Tom interview PollyAnna, a tantrika and sex educator who's also a nurse practitioner.  We discuss the importance of sex for health and explore some interesting topics throughout the interview.  There are no topics off limits in this episode.  Want to know how to work toward reaching higher enlightenment through sex?  Listen to this episode. 

In our SYMHM, we look at a hard situation facing a New York man. 

Special Thanks to Falcon Five-O for the theme music.  That's "Hard Living" at the beginning and only fitting was "Dirty Hot Girl" at the end. Also thanks to Kevin MacLeod at for use of music "Our Story Begins". 

If you are more interested in learning more about PollyAnna click on her links below.




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