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Feb 9, 2019

Ben and Tom welcome guest, Jeff, to the show. Jeff is the 2017 Author of the Year for the Nurse Practitioner Journal for his article on Diabetes Management in Primary Care. We discuss everything that it took to take this paper for idea to award winning article and article used for CEUs. Jeff discusses the process of submitting the paper to a peer reviewed journal and how it originally started out as an idea for a school paper. If you have desires to write articles for publishing in journals, make sure you listen to this episode. Near the end of the episode Ben makes a promise to Tom in the event he ever wins a Nobel Prize. **Pay attention to the episodes with Jeff on them. There is an inside joke. Can you catch on to what it is? Find out after we have Jeff back for the Diabetes episodes.** Jeff's Article: 4StateAPN 13th Annual Conference - For more info and to sign up