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Dec 22, 2018

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In this episode, the Christmas episode, Ben & Tom welcome Christine from Antidotes, Stories in Medicine to the show. Like any good holiday get together, they tell stories from days as first responders before they were Nurse Practitioners. Hear stories about police, fire, EMS, 9-1-1 dispatch, and ER in this episode that will likely have you ducking for cover, laughing, and maybe even a few tears shed. You'll hear how Ben transitioned from 9-1-1 and law enforcement to nursing and you'll hear the story of the night Tom decided to go from police officer to nurse. Christine shares some great stories of hostage calls and humanitarian missions. This episode has bullets, babies, and flash bang grenades. If you like this episode, make sure you subscribed to Christine's podcast "Antidotes, Stories in Medicine" on all major podcast channels or she can be found at You can also find her on Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Amazon Affiliate Link -