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Jul 30, 2023

Join Tom & Ben as they welcome Lara, RN, and scuba diver to the show to talk about health and safety while diving.  We discuss some of the safety features in place to protect divers and discuss the increased pressures on the body.  We also learn that Tom has something against fish as Lara tries to convince us to take up scuba. And as with every guest, we end with 5 questions.  There is an answer to one of the questions that leaves Tom completely speechless.  

In our SYMHM, we look at the shooting of an orthopedic physician in Tennessee.  At JSP Media, we have the journalistic standand to refuse to give any extra notoriety to the unnamed suspect. 

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This episode is sponsored by CBD Stat.  Learn more about their high quality, THC free CBD oil.  They offer a 40% discount for healthcare workers at and for our listeners that aren't in healthcare you can use code JSP20 at checkout for 20% off your order.

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Huge shoutout to Falcon Five-O for use of their music "Hard Living" and "Failure's Not the Same Without You"!