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Dec 8, 2018

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A 9921..what? Ben & Tom jump deep into the sewers of medical billing to break it all down for you. How do you know what code to bill? Do I get a consent form or not? Is there an ICD-10 code for this? What are RVUS and how are they calculated? All those questions and more are answered in this episode. The guys break it down into three sections. First, is determining the appropriate coding for your office visits. We look at what needs to go into the HPI, ROS, and PE for each code. Next, they examine the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and why we had to make that change. What is ICD-10 good for and they find some VERY interesting ICD-10 codes. Lastly, (and a highly requested topic) the boys jump into CPT codes, consent forms, and RVUs. An in-depth explanation of calculating RVUs occurs in this episode. If you are negotiating a RVU contract in the future, you don't want to miss this. And after the show ends, we get the guys back on for a short explanation of next week's episode. Amazon Affiliate Link: