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Dec 19, 2021

In this episode, we talk about some exciting changes that are coming with the JSP family.  Tom and Ben are launching podcast called Will Continue to Monitor.  This new podcast will be launching in January 2021 and will focus on mysteries and weird things, very similar to the Medical Mysteries episodes, we have done here. But with this new podcast, there will be some changes coming to this podcast as well, hence the evolution.  

In our Story You May Have Missed, we discuss a brewing battle between the Tennessee legislators and the Tennessee medical board.  

his episode is sponsored by Eko Health.  Find out more at and use code JSP at checkout for $50 dollars off any stethoscope until Dec 31st.  

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Huge shoutout to Falcon Five-O for use of their music "Hard Living" and "Failure's Not the Same Without You".