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Jan 31, 2021

**Disclaimer - This episode we discuss domestic violence and graphically discuss the injuries resulting from this incident. Listener discretion is advised. **
If you are a victim of domestic violence or not in a safe place, please reach out for help. Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-SAFE. As Eric says in this episode, you are worth it!

We did a shorter episode as a hot take on the Chad Wheeler incident. For those not aware, Chad Wheeler was a former Seattle Seahawks player who was recently released from the team following charges of domestic violence against this girlfriend. It has been reported that he suffered from bipolar, was in a manic state, and off his medications. 

We bring our mental health expert, PMHNP Eric, on the show to discuss the bipolar aspect of this incident.  We discussed the stats of violent incidents in those with bipolar and those without bipolar.  We also engage in a discussion of CTE and stress the importance of taking medicine if diagnosed with bipolar.  Sadly, we also examine the stigma that this incident could further create given the focus on his bipolar rather than the alleged crime.