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Jul 20, 2019

In Episode 42, Tom & Ben welcome Jaimi McPeek to the show while they continue mental health awareness month. Jaimi is an actress, model, and writing and directing a new movie called "Flip Of A Coin" that will hopefully help to break the stigma of mental health.  We talk about the film and the pre-production and production of the film.  Jaimi also battles OCD and discusses her diagnosis candidly with the guys as well.

In our "Story You May Have Missed", we look at alcohol and mental health. 

The guys also issue a challenge to listeners.  Jaimi is helping fund the movie through gofundme and if our listeners donate, the guys will match donations up to a total of $200.  So help Jaimi out and make your donation worth double.

The gofundme is here.

Make sure to check out Jaimi's social media as well.  Facebook Instagram

"Flip Of A Coin" FB page

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