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Jun 1, 2019

Episode 36 has Ben & Tom looking ahead to summertime.  They invite Dermatology NP, Rachell, on the show to discuss the important topics for skin as we move into the summer months.  This episode covers sunburn, sunscreen, appropriate SPF and ways to help protect your patients in the sun.  They then discuss lesions, moles, melanoma, and basal cells and then examine the appropriate use of Punch vs. Shave biopsy. In the “Story You May Have Missed”, Ben & Tom discuss early diagnosis of a common disease in the elderly population.

Special Thanks to Falcon Five-O for their use of music on the show.  “Hard Living” at the beginning of the show and “Something Better” at the end.  All their songs can be found on iTunes. 

Rachell’s online suture course

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