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Apr 6, 2019

A frequently asked question from students and new practitioners is "What resources do you use?".  So Ben & Tom decided to discuss the resources they use in clinic.  Those resources include books, websites, and apps.  Links should be in the show notes below.  In the "Story You May Have Missed", the guys look at an interesting way one area is trying to contain the measles outbreak.  The episode ends with some tough love from the guys.  There has been an increasing trend of NPs crowd sourcing a diagnosis on social media and Ben passionately talks about why this needs to stop.  Some say that he channels his inner Tom-ness in this rant about NP groups on social media, being "bullied", and crowd sourcing a diagnosis. 


Resources discussed are:


  1. Pfenniger & Fowler's Procedures for Primary Care


  1. UpToDate -
  2. CDC -
  3. CDC Zombie Preparedness -
  4. National Library of Medicine -
  5. MdCalc -


  1. Epocrates
  2. Sanford Guide Antimicrobial Therapy
  3. CDC Apps (Antibiotic Treatment, Vaccines, Opiate Prescribing, STD Treatments)
  4. ERres
  5. ASCCP
  6. Eponyms