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Oct 23, 2021

*Trigger Warning* In our Story You May Have Missed, we do discuss a baby that had complications during birth and passed away*

In this episode, we welcome Nurse Papa, David Metzger back to the show.  We discuss his podcast but also dive into his now published book, Nurse Papa, as well. 

David talks about the writing of the book, including his colleagues on the pediatric oncology floor, and the patients that have impacted his life as a father.  In his book, he gives us the ups and downs of being a father and a nurse and learning to co-mingle both roles.  

If you are in healthcare, you'll thoroughly enjoy his book as it will often validate things you've felt throughout your career and if you are not in healthcare, it gives you a peek into the world behind the beeping IV poles and code blues, while still giving you tools to be a better human on the other side. 

You can purchase David's book at this link:

And don't forget Nurse Papa is a podcast you can download wherever you are listening to this now and David also takes parenting questions at

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Huge shoutout to Falcon Five-O for use of their music "Hard Living" and "Failure's Not the Same Without You".