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Mar 29, 2022

In this special bonus JSP Blast Episode, we are focusing on the criminal conviction of RaDonda Vaught for criminally negligent homicide and abuse of an impaired adult.  She was convicted in Tennessee on March 25, 2022.  This conviction is the result of a medication error in 2017, when she administered vecuronium, a paralyzing agent, instead of Versed, a sedative.  This resulted in a sentinel event and the patient, Charlene Murphey, died as a result.  Vanderbilt Medical Center failed to report this event to state and federal authorities and two neurologists ruled her death to be natural causes despite the medication error.  Through an anonymous tip, CMS was made aware of the events and inspected Vanderbilt ordering a plan of correction or losing Medicare and Medicaid money.  It was after this, that the DA brought charges against RaDonda Vaught and the Board of Health, who had previously investigated her and found no violation of nurse practice act, reopened an investigation, revoked her license and order penalty monies paid. 

The first 20 minutes is Tom & Ben’s thoughts on the case as well as a synopsis of the timeline of the case.  We also discuss our thoughts on a nurse being held criminally responsible for a medication error and the impact on healthcare personnel moving forward. 

The next 20 minutes is our interview with Nurse Liz.  She has been vocal about the case throughout her well known social media channels and we appreciated the opportunity to get her thoughts.  We discuss the impact of the criminal case moving forward as well as alarm fatigue and Liz gives some advice to nurses and healthcare personnel moving forward.

Liz can be found on facebook @im.nurse.liz on instragram @im.nurse.liz on youtube @im.nurse.liz and TikTok @im.nurse.liz

The final 20 minutes is our interview with Tina from Good Nurse Bad Nurse.  Tina has covered this case for the last 3 years including several interviews with RaDonda and Tina was personally at the trial for the three days of testimony.  We discuss the impact of the verdict on healthcare in general and we discuss the current DA Glenn Funk as well as his opponent this election cycle, Sara Beth Myers.  Finally, Tina gives some advice for nurses moving forward.

Tina can be found at on her podcast, “Good Nurse Bad Nurse” as well as facebook @goodnursebadnurse and Instagram @gnbnpodcast