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Jul 21, 2020

In this episode, we flip the script a bit as we get a patient perspective for COVID19 as we welcome Anil to the show.  Anil was diagnosed with COVID19 in a small local hospital.  During the course of his hospital stay, his oxygen decreased as his heart rate and work of breathing increased.  The difficult decision was made to intubate him and transfer him to a high level of care.  Anil talks candidly about having an hour to "get his affairs in order" before he was intubated.  After his transfer, he was at Kansas University Medical Center for several weeks and he discusses his spontaneous breathing checks, zoom calls with his family, and rehabilitation.  Sadly for Anil, the virus has continued to cause him issues as he's been rehospitalized several times since the initial diagnosis and is now on several inhalers and oral steroids to breath.  This is a continuing struggle, as the day before our interview and a few days after our interview, he's been hospitalized again. 

We didn't do a story you may have missed, because we wanted the focus of this episode to be on Anil and his story.